“[Eco Zico] simplifies the recycling process making it interesting and easy for children to understand.”(InTouch magazine, INTO publication, November 2010)

“Part of a series of environmentally aware stories, this book is a superhero story with a twist…{Eco Zico} itself as well as its message is environmentally friendly and it includes advice and guidelines for younger readers so that they too can be like Zico. The big format, big type and simple pictures with lots happening make the book feel accessible to children of perhaps six to eight.” (Books Ireland, November 2010)

“[Eco Zico} is a charming story which gets the eco message across in a humorous and entertaining way.” (Irish Examiner, January 2011)

“Perry the Polar Bear Goes Green takes the subject of global warming and wraps it in an excellent story that will delight children…a perfect, non-preachy book.” (Irish Examiner, June 2010)

“Perry the Polar Bear Goes Green tells the story of a brave cub who goes on a mission to save the polar bears and their home….This eco-friendly book teaches children about the effects of global warming and reminds us that anyone can make a difference.” (InTouch magazine, INTO publication, April/May 2010)

“Both books [Perry the Polar Bear Goes Green & Perry the Playful Polar Bear] are attractive, brightly coloured books with amusing illustrations on every page by Nina Finn-Kelcey. Like all good story books, they can be appreciated just for the tale they tell as Perry gets involved in one adventure or another. However, they also have a message…the books will certainly appeal to younger readers, or those who need to have it read to them, with their quirky plots and funny characters.” (Books Ireland, April 2010)

“Perry the Playful Polar Bear is the charming story of a lonely cub who finds an unlikely friend in the North Pole. The atmospheric watercolour illustrations are by Nina Finn-Kelcey. Read-aloud for age four-plus.” (Irish Examiner, December 2009)

“Perry the Playful Polar Bear is the story of Perry, a lonely polar bear cub. All Perry wants is someone to play with. One day, he meets a baby seal called Sally, who is lost. The two set off on an adventure to find Sally’s family and along the way, Perry discovers the true value of friendship and family. The book has 32-pages with full colour illustrations and is beautifully illustrated by Nina Finn-Kelcey.” (Primary Times, December 2009)

Woman’s Way and The Star included Perry the Playful Polar Bear in their Christmas gift guide for children (December 2009)